In ancestors trace

Find your roots in Hälsingland

According to your own family research we try to find more clues and threads about your ancestors homestead area and possibly far relatives. The product request that you supply information as name (both first name and surname), date of birth and place of birth (parish), to establish the first information. Possible to add more hours if requested for an extra charge.

Time needed: 10 hours for research for threads
Price: 8 125 SEK per family tree

Places worth visiting

Experience the local area for approx. 5 hours with a local guide and make the opportunity to get know the area your ancestors left for a journey overseas for about 100 years ago. We make stops at the local church, a nearby homestead museum etc. And if lucky, we kan visit the house or at least the small village where your ancestors grew up. Also supply stories of the area today!

Time needed: 5 hours for guiding the area
Price: 4 000 SEK per occasion

Add products

We can recommend following add products when you make your visit to Hälsingland.

- Visit the Museum of Emigrants. Free entrance.
- Visit a local traditional event. Price from 500 SEK per event. An extra entrance fee can be added.
- Visit a World Heritage Center for our decorated farmhouses of Hälsingland. Free entrance.
- Visit ha World Heritage farmhouse of Hälsingland. Price from 500 SEK per person per farmhouse.
- Visit Wildlife Park "Järvzoo" and the Large Carnivore Center "The big 5". Price from 180-225 SEK per person.
- Visit the Enchanted forest. Price from 160 SEK per person.